REV-X High Performance Oil Additive has proven worldwide to outperform all other products while surpassing all expectations. REV-X High Performance Oil Additive was formulated to be the highest performing oil additive available at any cost with zero downsides. REV-X High Performance Oil Additive can be blended into all types of lubricating fluids for the ultimate friction reduction agent that virtually eliminates high thermal temperatures within treated components providing extended service life for all component and lubricating fluids.



‣Increases efficiency.

‣Increases Horsepower and Torque.

‣Greatly improves starting in cold weather.

‣Smoother operation of all treated components.

‣Dramatic reductions in component wear.

‣Reduces operating temperatures to increase performance.

‣Increased lubricant service life.

‣Can be used in any lubricating fluid.

‣For use in all applications that require the highest grade of lubrication possible.

‣Contains no Graphite, Moly, Teflon, Acids or any other harmful additives.

‣Environmentally friendly product.

REV-X High Performance Oil Additive 4oz

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    Dimensions: 2 (width) x 3.8 (height) x 2 (depth) inches

    Weight: 4oz